Jules Walters for Mayor of West Linn


I’d like your vote for Mayor of West Linn.

In 2018, I ran for city council on a platform that reflects what I value most about our community: Schools, Parks, and Safety. 

Supporting our schools means partnering with the WLWV School Board and administration as they provide educational opportunities for all kids, whether they are going to school in person or studying from home. It also means supporting the excellence of the district and our neighborhood schools.

Our parks are the jewel in the crown of West Linn. They have become a welcome respite for families during the Covid-19 crisis. Providing safe and socially-distanced programs for our community is a top priority for both the parks department and our beloved local library.

And safety for our city means a safe and welcoming place for all, regardless of race, religion, gender, or sexual identity. I have been proud to oversee the creation of a police oversight task force, which is also the most diverse working group in our city’s history. I also proudly represented West Linn with our regional partners, in the creation of the first Multi-City Equity Summit.

Finding solutions to preserve the fiscal health of West Linn by supporting our local businesses is essential.  Improving our transportation infrastructure and soundly rejecting tolling on I-205 in West Linn will provide the economic development and resiliency needed in the 21st century.

I believe that honest, efficient, and transparent leadership is what is best for our city, and that’s what I will bring with me as Mayor. Now more than ever, we need our city’s leadership to represent all of West Linn.

As your Mayor, I will:

  • Partner with community organizations that keep us safe and healthy      
  • Support our local businesses and strengthen our economy
  • Lead the charge to ensure that West Linn is inclusive and welcoming for all
  • Bring effective, accountable, and active leadership 
  • Engage our community by listening to its concerns and ideas
  • Embrace our school district’s long-standing tradition of excellence
  • Enhance our already outstanding parks and recreational opportunities 
  • Work with our first responders to ensure safety and resilience
  • Protect our historic and natural resources

Now more than ever, we need our city’s leadership to represent all of West Linn.

I am ready to be the voice for all.