Why I Represent West Linn

My name is Jules Walters and I am a City Councilor for West Linn.

My family and I moved to West Linn in 2007 for its excellent schools, beautiful parks and reputation as one of the safest cities in the U.S. Having four kids in our schools and activities in town, I have had many opportunities to volunteer in our community. As President of the WLWV Education Foundation and a board member of the WL Softball Association, I began to engage with the work of the city this last year, especially with the general obligation bond.

In many hours attending city meetings, one thing that stuck out to me is the lack of representation on the city council for residents like me. West Linn is a multi-generational community and a wonderful place to live for all of us, including my father, my husband Joe, myself, and our kids. I intend to be the voice for the hard-working families of West Linn– with kids in our schools, busy with extracurricular activities and volunteering in our community.

As a community leader, I’ve brought people together to find solutions and get things done. On City Council, I advocate for transparency and results. I have the experience and vision to help lead West Linn to a bright future for all of its residents.

I hope I can count on your support!