“Jules Walters has my strongest support for the West Linn City Council position. Jules will bring energetic strength and a generous spirit of civility to our community conversation.   Jules is a leader who will support good decisions for our children and act in ways that make them proud.”   — Dr. Jane Stickney, Retired West Linn-Wilsonville Educator


” I am a resident of West Linn, and 3 generations of my family also live here. This means I have a vested interest in the future of our city. And this also means that I support Jules Walters for City Council.

Jules Walters and her husband Joe have lived in West Linn for almost 12 years while raising their 4 children. She has a real connection to the people of this city. Jules brought her considerable skills and talents to her role as President of the West Linn-Wilsonville School Foundation. During her 4 years with the Foundation they raised close to $500,000 for our schools. This experience would prove invaluable as a city councilor.

Jules Walters will bring a new voice and a new vision to our city council as they address the difficult issues facing our community. She will listen to our concerns and work to provide transparency as new challenges arise. I believe that Jules Walters has the integrity and honesty to represent us as West Linn moves into the future. If these values are important to you please vote for Jules Walters for City Council.” — Stacy Epsteen, MSN, BSN


“Jules has always been consistent in her willingness to listen with respect to people who disagree. She has a now-rare skill — the understanding that you can hold onto your own convictions and at the same time, find common ground or basic truth with someone with whom you may otherwise disagree. You can disagree, yet work together.

She sees the person and their circumstances, not just their ideaology, and she’s always willing to acknowledge truth and validity. In this climate of screaming at each other, of proud and willful refusal to listen to opposing sides, Jules stands out as a model of what we *can* be — someone who knows where she stands, someone who is well-informed, not just wildly slinging mud, yet someone who listens respectfully and understands to her core that we are all people deserving dignity and respect, that we all deserve to be heard, and that the only way to move forward is to find common ground and work together.

We’re on the same side of the issues now; I have changed but she has not. She is who she has always been — someone who loves and respects people however they are, whoever they are.

In this time of division, disrespect, and dysfunction, I can think of no better person to represent the currently unrepresented hard working families of West Linn.” — Kris Kachirisky, WL resident, Realtor


“So inspired by all the amazing women running for office this year! I’ve served on the West Linn Wilsonville Education Foundation board with this lady – and let me tell you – she’s got my vote! As more and more families move to WL, we desperately need a champion on city council who works to ensure a longstanding tradition of high quality schools, the best parks and open spaces, and clean healthy rivers. Thank you for stepping up Jules Walters!” — Erica Stock, WL resident, Environmentalist, Mom